Crash Course in Microsoft Teams

By Bill Durham
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Collaborating with your nonprofit staff members, donors and constituents quickly and efficiently is everyone's goal. Make sure your team has access to this e-book, "Crash Court in Microsoft Teams," and contact Basileia Consulting Group for more information.

The best work is often done by people from different backgrounds, departments, and even geographical locations. How do you work efficiently as a team without adding another tool everyone has to learn?

In this e-book, you will discover how to quickly start using Microsoft Teams to:

(1) Communicate instantly with chat, online meetings, calls, and more.
(2) Set up meetings with file sharing, recording, and transcription.
(3) Coedit documents in real time without leaving the app.
(4) Collaborate with people both inside and outside your organization.
(5) Connect other business apps to toggle less and save time.

View: Crash Course in Microsoft Teams

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