What is Business Intelligence, and Why Do You Need It Now?

By Bill Durham
Learn how Business Intelligence (BI) can help set organizations apart from their competition by enabling proactive vs. reactive behavior that drives customer engagement and profits with intelligent decisions
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Have you considered the power of automated Business Intelligence (BI)?

Maybe you’re seeking ways to increase the success of your business. You know you can improve your customer base and sales, but perhaps you are unsure how.

Business intelligence is something that your firm can use to its advantage. You can use BI to determine how you can make your business better.

BI, though, what is it? Moreover, why do you require it? Read on to find out.

Business intelligence (BI): What is it?

Because it doesn’t refer to a specific entity, business intelligence is difficult to describe. Instead, it includes a wide range of platforms and methods.

The fundamental concept, however, is that a BI strategy aids in gathering and analyzing data about your organization so that you may translate it into precise actions that enhance your firm.

Business intelligence is more advanced than simple data analysis or study. It is neither solely about gathering data nor is it strictly about data analysis. It involves completing both duties and applying what you learn to develop new business strategies that increase productivity and income.

A little background of Business Intelligence (BI)

In the 1960s, the phrase “business intelligence” was first used to refer to a method of information sharing between departments. Today’s business intelligence (BI) systems allow for digital data analysis and self-service data management. BI software solutions collect data to assist owners and managers in making strategic business decisions.

Your business can better adjust to changes in the market and industry by using these crucial insights. The question is: How do we gather them?

The business intelligence industry is expected to reach $40.5 billion by 2025.

That’s worth paying attention to!

BI solutions could help your firm remain ahead of the curve, cut operating expenses, and maintain and build customer connections regardless of organizational size.

This blog will discuss business intelligence (BI), why business owners need it, and how it relates to artificial intelligence and competitive intelligence.

Business intelligence: What is it?

Business Intelligence isn’t just one piece of software or even a collection of applications for processing large amounts of data. Instead, it is an all-encompassing word that refers to the finest business strategies, software, infrastructure, and other tools to improve performance.

BI primarily focuses on information analysis. A database collects data from various departments inside your company, and apps then transform that unprocessed information into insights-producing reports, charts, and other analytical tools.

Business owners have a variety of ways to use BI

  • Insight into every element of your company
  • Check the success of your sales efforts
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your production procedures
  • Evaluate both company objectives and employee performance
  • Utilize data from several departments to identify and follow industry trends
  • Business decision-makers who must make critical judgments for the entire organization should be informed
  • Track historical information
  • Create unique reports based on particular searches
  • Create graphs, charts, and other visual representations of data
  • Maintain a competitive edge in your field

How does BI work?

With analytical applications at the forefront, BI has the following, for example:

  • Collaborative BI
  • BI on mobile
  • Open-Source BI software
  • Operational BI 
  • SaaS BI
  • Real-time BI

BI technology aims to quickly understand data through visualization tools, not merely to acquire intelligence.

Dashboards and performance scorecards are additional BI features. When presented as graphical data, key performance indicators and business KPIs are considerably simpler to comprehend.

Data Analysis for Business and Finance Concept. Graphic interface showing future computer technology of profit analytic, online marketing research and information report for digital business strategy.

What are the benefits of Business Intelligence for small businesses?

Without BI, data analysis efforts are awkward. The data must first be gathered, which takes time, and then organized straightforwardly. For instance, groups frequently compile data using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

BI tools are bigger, better, faster, and more effective for essential tasks like propelling a business forward. And to make matters worse, the outcomes aren’t necessarily reliable or informative. While there are many excellent applications for Microsoft Excel, using a hammer when a jackhammer is needed is equivalent.

Accurate data analysis can distinguish between a meager profit and incredible success. You gain the following crucial skills via proper analytics, such as:

Gain knowledge of trends. Analytics provides information on market trends and enables you to identify profitable marketing chances that you might have overlooked otherwise.

Better client service. You can understand what your customers want and need from your business using customer analytics. You can remodel your company using the information below to attract new clients.

BI tools can assist in expanding your company. BI technologies give you the data you need to make proactive company choices by boosting employee productivity and enhancing the customer experience.

Tracked responsibility. A traceable accountability system for the business can be created by using BI technologies to assign tasks and report to teams and individuals. Holding your team accountable can build loyalty by giving each worker a clear idea of their function and avoiding confusion within departments.

A rise in productivity. BI tools increase productivity in several ways:

  • Businesses of all sizes can provide customized reports
  • Automated data can boost cash flow by lowering human and resource costs
  • Automating ‘busy work’ increases employee productivity and efficiency
  • Regular reporting can do away with the requirement for consultants

Streamlined methods

Real-time data reporting enables you to make better, quicker business decisions. BI gives businesses access to data that can improve corporate operations, lessen bottlenecks, and establish quantifiable benchmarks. Before a sales meeting, for instance, team members can examine comprehensive client data and predictions.

As a result, it’s simpler to relate to the customer and conduct commerce more proficiently.

Competitive advantage

Consumer data can be analyzed using BI technologies to identify customer engagement opportunities, forecast buying peaks and troughs, and track market and industry developments.

A significant competitive advantage that can keep you one step ahead for maximum profit potential is anticipating your consumers’ requirements.

Increased client satisfaction

BI tools also benefit your clients. You can provide outstanding customer support using data history to address problems by connecting phone records, text data from live chats, and prior sales.

Business Intelligence can set you apart from the competition and elevate you to new heights with the ability to make intelligent decisions based on real-time data.

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