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Trust Your Numbers Again with Intelligent ERP Services

Your ERP system is the beating heart of your organization.

Basileia Consulting Group has the technical know-how to sell, implement, and support the Microsoft Dynamics 365 business and productivity tools suite.

When your business processes skip a beat, your reputation suffers, customer service becomes reactive rather than proactive, and your profitability decreases.

We fix issues quickly and, more importantly, correctly.

In a nutshell, we solve annoying technology issues by automating our customers’ business processes to empower them to get more done with the resources they have.

Our customers experience improved ROI with our team running side-by-side with them to achieve smoother operations, outstanding customer service, and increased profitability.

At Basileia, we take improving your efficiencies to heart.

Explore our services delivered with care:


Solution Determination Process

Exclusively available from Basileia Consulting Group, we lead you through thoughtful analysis to identify which business process issues are holding productivity back. We look beyond the symptoms to fix the root causes once and for all. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP

Operate from anywhere, anytime securely

Imagine what you can achieve with a world-class connected solution

Microsoft Power Platform

Nothing but easy BI, apps, & workflows

Templates, pre-built connectors and workflows for no code/low code solutions

Microsoft 365 Security and Productivity

Protect your workforce, data, and infrastructure

Understand the risks
Improve efficiencies
Download Free Readiness Tool

Azure Secure Cloud

Accelerate your digital transformation

Keep your data secure
Meet industry standards
Pay-as-you-go pricing

What Can You Expect from Basileia Consulting Group?

  • We are friendly, high-tech consultants who communicate in plain language what’s working in your business and what is not.
  • Our 15+ years of hands-on experience makes all the difference and has earned us a reputation as the go-to Microsoft Partner for solving even the most complex issues.
  • What sets Basileia Consulting Group apart is our experience and proprietary approach. Our copyrighted BRAMP© Solution Determination Process ensures your ERP project’s success.

We don’t set up your software with a cookie-cutter approach; instead, we thoughtfully study the bottlenecks blocking efficiencies in your organization and solve them with automation.

We’d love to hear about your biggest challenges and help you solve them

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