Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – a comprehensive cloud business solution. Our team of professionals at Basileia Consulting Group is committed to selling, implementing, and supporting B2B mid-sized companies with this unparalleled ERP system.

With Dynamics Business Central, you can streamline your operations from finance and sales to inventory management and manufacturing. This cloud-based ERP solution is packed with unmatched supply chain innovations and much more, all available at a modest monthly fee.

Modernize and Optimize Your Business Operations.

By subscribing to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP, you can access a suite of Microsoft’s innovative tools that will transform your business—no more costly server maintenance or expensive annual fees. Enjoy the convenience of having your software always current in the cloud, saving you both time and money.

One Solution for All Your Business Needs.

Dynamics 365 Business Central empowers your business to start quickly, scale at your own pace, and adapt in real time. It’s a global solution offering multi-currency, multi-language, and multi-company capabilities, providing you with peace of mind that your accounting is fully compliant, secure, and trusted by financial institutions worldwide.

Unlock the Benefits

Offer Superior Customer Service

Answer questions instantly and keep your customers in the fold with proactive communications to nurture repeat orders.

View every area of your operations

Benefit from real-time reporting for intelligent decisions. 

Accelerate Cash Flow

Quickly respond and engage with customers. Manage requests and process payments right from your Outlook email. 

Manage Your Financials

Close the month rapidly with compliance and accuracy. Drill down to the details behind all your interactions.

Become More Productive with Mobile Access

Your people can get more done by working from anywhere, anytime.

Automate your supply chain

to gain greater control over your purchasing process and offer better service to your customers.

Optimize your operations

Produce more quality goods, reduce costs, and deliver products on time.

Artificial Intelligence changes the game

From alerting you to optimal Inventory levels to suggestions for purchasing based on orders, allocations, and other factors, AI provides value never before available for mid-sized companies.
  • Partnering with Basileia Consulting Group.

    Our team at Basileia Consulting Group is devoted to crafting a unique vision for your business. Our disciplined approach to implementation ensures your Dynamics 365 Business Central solution works seamlessly. We guide your team, adhere to your budget, and keep the project on track with our comprehensive project management.

  • Upgrade or Migrate with Confidence.

    Now is the perfect time to upgrade to Business Central. Experience technology innovations that will transform how your business operates. Whether you're upgrading from NAV, GP, or migrating from another ERP solution, our team has the extensive knowledge and experience to make the transition smooth and efficient.

  • Continuous Value for Your Organization.

    With Basileia Consulting Group, you can expect long-term, strategic decision-making assistance tailored to your organization. We integrate your solution, show you what's possible, and guide you toward growth and change.

  • Big Picture Focus.

    We take a holistic approach to understanding your business. By involving your critical stakeholders, we gain insights into your business processes, enabling us to improve your operational efficiencies effectively.

  • Save Time and Money with Proven Solutions.

    Our philosophy is to leverage tested, proven solutions rather than reinventing the wheel. When there are unique requirements, we can build custom applications tailored to your needs, all while ensuring a fast, efficient transformation of your business.

  • Smooth Transitions with Change Management.

    We understand that change can be challenging. Our team at Basileia Consulting Group are masters of change management, easing transition pains and ensuring your employees stay motivated throughout the process.

  • Preparation for the Future.

    As we implement a modern solution for your business, we keep an eye on potential out-of-scope work and keep you informed. Our friendly and patient professionals ensure you understand all the details before making decisions.

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