Secure Productivity

Mobile workforce solutions from Microsoft have redefined what you and your staff should
expect from the modern work environment 

The best offense is an impregnable defense.

You already know the cost of a data breach, and the crippling impact of a ransomware
attack. Microsoft’s security team tracks global threats in real time. So, Basileia has teamed
up with Microsoft to provide a threat protection program with:

basileia secure productivity secure analysis image
  • MFA – Multifactor Authentication 
  • ATP – Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection
  • Safe Attachment and Safe Link Policy Configuration
  • Phishing and Mass File Deletion Alerts
  • Forwarding Rules

Multifactor Authentication protects against breaches due to lost or stolen credentials with strong authentication and allows you to secure any app with just one step.

Microsoft Defender’s Advanced Threat Protection is a unified platform for Windows protection that includes: antivirus, exploit protection, attack surface reduction, application control, hardware-based isolation, and much more. 

Take the next step with our free Security Readiness Analysis. Then view our Threat Protection Program options that include Microsoft 365 Office Apps & Cloud Services and cost as little as $22 per user per month. 

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As a top ERP vendor, we can show you how you can Center Your Business by leveraging our ERP Consulting Services.

Microsoft is tracking global security threats in real time. If a threat slipped through your defenses and you think you’ve been compromised – or if you worried you may be exposed, let us run a free Security Readiness Analysis on your system. We’ll get a quick, easy, completely objective and no obligation recommendation to you within 24 hours. 

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