ERP for Distribution

When implemented intelligently and cost effectively, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Microsoft Business Central can provide big opportunities for small business.

What is ERP for Distribution?

ERP has distribution software that helps companies organize data pertaining to warehouse management,  inventory management, and helps manage purchases and sales.  ERP incorporates this data with the company’s financials creating a centralized location for the data. 

What is ERP in shipping?

Product shipping is closely related to distribution since items need to get from point A to point B before they can be distributed. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems can be used in all types of businesses local, national and global. Shipping and warehouse managers should use ERP systems to best meet their business needs efficiently and effectively.

Why Your Business Needs ERP For Distribution

ERP makes all the important data of a business visible. ERP centralizes all a business’ distribution information and makes it much simpler for an employee or customer to view relevant data.  ERP automates the purchasing process, which results in increased sales. ERP connects the entire chain of distribution in one spot, making information like profitability a lot easier to come across. 

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