ERP for Inventory Management

When implemented intelligently and cost effectively, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Microsoft Business Central can provide big opportunities for small business.

What is ERP for Inventory Management?

Inventory management is a crucial component of a successful company. ERP allows a business to manage its operations such as inventory, financials, sales, purchases, shipping and more in one centralized place. Inventory management relies a lot on proper data tracking. ERP’s automated software stores the data for you. Another great part about ERP is that every division of the business has constant access to data from across the organization. 

What Is ERP Tracking?

ERP’s software tracks all your business’ data that has been uploaded to its database. Data includes business resources like raw materials or cash. ERP can also track time sensitive data like orders or payroll. All this data can e viewed and transferred to all different departments of the company. 

Why Your Business Needs ERP For Inventory Management

ERP will save your business a lot of time and money. Having a centralized place for all your business’ data allows your employees to work efficiently and increase customer satisfaction. Operating more efficiently saves your business money in the process. ERP connects shipping, stock, and order information which helps organize your supply chain. Without ERP business’ often make counting errors. In addition, Switching to an automated software like ERP allows your business to expand its operations. 

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