ERP for Distribution

When implemented intelligently and cost-effectively, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) provides significant opportunities for Wholesale Distributor businesses.

What is ERP for Distribution?

ERP for Distribution is designed to address every aspect of the business requirements faced by distribution companies: from picking and packing to warehousing and shipping. And, of course, Supply Chain Management (SCM), which is such a hot topic today due to the supply chain disruptions and freight rate increases that are plaguing distributors for the foreseeable future and trickling down to impact consumers as well.

What Are the Key Features of ERP for Distribution?

ERP software for Distribution provides tools for:
  • Increased picking and packing efficiency
  • Cutting-edge Warehouse Management Services (WMS)
  • Intelligence-driven Supply Chain Management (SCM) to mitigate the impact of:
    • Supply chain disruptions
    • Freight and container rate hikes (land and sea)
    • Unprecedented port back-ups
    • Material shortages
  • Flexible Inventory Management (IM) options
  • Up-to-date regulatory compliance programs for tracking and tracing, down to lot and serial number

Why Does Your Business Need ERP for Distribution?

It’s hard to compete with the high bar that Amazon has established, including same-day delivery in many major cities. But Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP does provide the tools for streamlining your distribution operations and creating the efficiencies you need to obtain and retain a competitive edge. 

The Basileia team takes our clients beyond the mere functionality of their ERP software, using Business Intelligence (BI) to ensure project success and to create a competitive edge. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) is the conduit for successful outcomes.

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