Simplified Workflows? Yes Please! Microsoft Teams Just Met Dynamics 365 Business Central

By Bill Durham
Discover how Microsoft Teams’ integration with Dynamics 365 will help your employees in many business operations, including sales, marketing, customer service, business central, and more.
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You probably know and utilize Teams and Dynamics 365 in your business, whether you operate from home or in a corporate office.

But, did you realize that these tools complement one another well – and can be more powerful together to create simplified workflows?

Even better…

No Dynamics 365 license? No problem. All Teams users can access Dynamics data from within the Teams collaboration app.

It’s a union that will enhance your business operations and facilitate communication when fully integrated into your organization.

There’s no need to explain why remote and hybrid work styles have become the norm, and many businesses have started using the Teams app daily. This collaboration tool is secure, convenient, adaptable, and an excellent fit for your online workspace.

The easiest option to work remotely or in a hybrid environment is to connect this app to your Dynamics 365 CRM and create a shared workspace for your entire team.

So, what can that mean for you?

This article demonstrates the unique advantages of combining Microsoft Teams with Dynamics 365 products, including Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, and Business Central.

Teams is a valuable corporate program for productivity, coordination, and organizing. However, it’s a game-changer for your staff to complete their task more quickly, effectively, and with higher value for collaboration when used with these other tools.

About Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams enables you to organize your company according to whatever division, undertaking, or group each member belongs to. From there, each team can manage and save documents, communicate with one another, and collaborate.

With anyone in the firm, you can text or chat, and Teams meetings let you video call internal and external parties.

Teams enables you to collaborate remotely on papers with your peers and view changes immediately. You can create tabs for a team that appear at the top of the page, such as a Power BI dashboard tab, a general Files tab from a SharePoint site, a Project files tab, and many others.

Teams works everywhere, how you need it, because you can access it via a browser, desktop, or mobile app. On your daily commute to work, you may join a Teams meeting from your phone, and you’ll have access to all the resources you need to participate fully in the conversation.

Practical ways Dynamics 365 applications can collaborate with Teams


Integrating Teams and Sales provides several advantages, including calling prospects directly from the app.

  • Before the meeting, you can review the situation’s specifics by reviewing transcripts and conversation summaries.
  • Additionally, you don’t need to switch screens to view client details when calling from the Sales app.
  • There are buttons to mute your voice, end the call, and other valuable features nearby.
  • Finally, it will compile the crucial information learned from the meeting into a detailed call report. You can plan a phone call or take other action to follow up.

Keeping current before, during, and after talking with clients has never been easier.


Working together without leaving the customer journey canvas or email editor is simple with Dynamics 365 Marketing’s integration with Teams.

  • Asking coworkers questions or discussing the layout or language of material is possible directly from the Marketing interface via Teams chat.
  • You determine where chat appears (for example, emails, segments, or journeys), and adding or removing participants from the conversation is simple.

To collaborate with peers on Dynamics 365 Marketing pages, use Teams chat.

Customer Service

Dynamics 365 Customer Service includes embedded Teams chat so agents can communicate with anyone within their business to troubleshoot and resolve client issues without leaving the case or conversation.

  • The customer service record will be immediately linked to these chats, providing a clearer picture of what the consumer experienced.
  • AI will propose other team representatives who have dealt with comparable circumstances in the discussion so you can quickly identify your resources and contact them if necessary.
  • These recommendations, which AI generates, will also provide details on how your team member can assist you and provide links to similar situations they have already resolved.
  • When Dynamics 365 and Teams collaborate, knowledge is at your fingertips, making it quick and straightforward to remain current on all crucial service interactions.
  • Use an AI-generated chat summary through the embedded Microsoft Teams instead of reading lengthy conversation transcripts or asking colleagues for updates.

Customer care representatives can discuss the background of their work—including the client’s issue and any suggested solutions—without having to write anything using the summary. But if something needs to be changed or added, the employee can alter them.

Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Microsoft Teams platform includes the Business Central functionalities.

  • No matter where you are, you can seek information about a customer, a vendor, or anyone else, including general data, history, or documents.
  • To make this link appear as a tiny, interactive card for everyone, copy it and paste it into a Teams chat.
  • Users can send interactive card displays in chats using the Business Central app for Teams.

Teams’ other Dynamics 365 capabilities

Business tasks just got more accessible with a few clicks of your mouse.

  • Include a Teams channel tab displaying a Dynamics 365 record or view.
  • Include “My Open Opportunities” or a crucial account as tabs to make essential data available in the Teams window.
  • Access Teams to view your Dynamics 365 dashboard.
  • Create a tab on a Team’s channel for a crucial document to make it simple to find and modify.
  • Utilize the feature for document management. Document management features include uploading files, tying them to Dynamics 365 information, automated syncing, and co-authoring with Microsoft 365.

In Summary

With these integrations, you can simplify your workflows and make your day easier.

In addition to their strong foundation capabilities, these applications provide the capacity to collaborate effectively across applications and keep details of those collaborations for easy access by your entire team.

You’ll get a higher return on your investments in your business stack due to increased productivity and improved communication within your organization.

Are you ready to learn what Dynamics 365 app integrations with Teams can do for your company?

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Our expert team can evaluate your needs and requirements and recommend the best solution for your company.

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