Looking for an Outstanding Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner? Meet Basileia!

By Bill Durham
Basileia Consulting Group was established 15 years ago to help other ERP software resellers and consultants with complex implementations. Learn more about how we can help you…
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I’ll be honest with you. There are a lot of Microsoft Dynamics ERP partners out there. And a lot of them are good. But hey. We think we’re an outstanding ERP Partner. We think we’re special. My challenge is to tell you why. And that’s what I plan to do!

Meet Basileia!

We’re an open book. Everything you need to know about who we are, what we do, and how we do it is on the Basileia Web site for the world to see. You don’t have to peek under the covers or read between the lines. We’re really good at what we do: Implementing, maintaining, and supporting Microsoft’s world-class Dynamics ERP systems.

Let’s start with…

Who We Are

Basileia Consulting Group was established as a ERP Partner 15 years ago to help other ERP software resellers and consultants with complex implementations. Eight years ago, we expanded our service offering to include the full suite of Microsoft business tools better to ensure the successful adoption of ERP software company-wide. When things go sideways, we have built a reputation as the guys your software partner calls. We love this stuff and can make it work as few others can.

Then let’s move on to…

What We Do

Here’s how our ERP Partner business breaks down:

  • 50% of our time and energy is spent on ERP Software Consulting and Implementations.

    We believe that for every symptom, there is a solution. And behind every solution, there is an operational need. Thus, while it’s true that Basileia Consulting Group sells, implements maintains, and supports Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP, we are primarily a consulting group. Because if we are not consulting with you and listening to you from day one, we would not be doing our job as a consulting organization.

  • 27% is spent on what we call Secure Productivity.

    We believe that the best offense is an impregnable defense. Thus, while modern offices no longer have walls, your data still should. Threats are all around you and your remote employees. That’s why Basileia has teamed up with Microsoft to keep your business secure and your employees productive. Our threat protection program includes:
    • MFA (Multifactor Authentication)
    • ATP (Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Detection)
    • Safe Attachment and Safe Link Policy Configuration
    • Phishing and Mass File Detection Alerts
    • Forwarding Rules

  • 23% is dedicated to Business Systems Optimization and Integrations.

And finally…

How We Do It

Here’s where it gets exciting because what really sets us apart is our proprietary approach to the business of ERP solution implementation and problem-solving. It’s our own copyrighted Solution Determination Process, designed to ensure the success of your ERP project.

The BCG Solution Determination Process is called BRAMP©, which stands for:
                                      Root Cause Analysis and Solution Envisioning
                                      Activate the Identified Stakeholders
                                      Measure the Standard of Success
                                      Procure and Produce

BRAMP is a 4-step process, briefly:

  1. Root Cause Analysis and Solution Envisioning
    In this step, we collaborate with you to identify the root issues affecting your business. Then we envision and agree on viable solutions for each root issue. This is also the stage in which we identify the stakeholders who will have internal ownership of the project.
  2. Activate the Identified Stakeholders
    At this stage, the stakeholders from each unit take ownership of the process and drive the project’s success in their unit. Expectations are set, responsibilities are assigned, and the stakeholders sign off on their roles.
  3. Measure the Standard of Success
    If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it. This step looks at the identified solutions and quantifies the measurements that will define business outcome success, including both tangible and intangible benefits.
  4. Procure and Produce
    Finally, the technology that will deliver the solution and produce the previously defined outcome is procured.

And then, of course, the real work begins! The data migration, software implementation, systems integration, testing, testing, and go live. Followed by measuring its success.

Here’s what you won’t find on our Website!

Given how often we’re asked about our company name, perhaps we should post this on our site. Because perhaps you, too, have been wondering: Who or what is Basileia? Well, it’s a Greek word that looks like this: μπασιλιά. And it’s a noun that means power, dominion, or rule.

If you have made it all the way through this blog, you now belong to an elite group of people who actually know the meaning of our name.

Now it’s time to take the next step

Contact Basileia Consulting Group (BCG) by calling 949-329-3524 or via our contact form so we can get acquainted!

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